Universal Concealed Carry Needed

With the recent Supreme Court ruling for concealed carry, and a constitutional right to not only keep, but bear arms better defined, more truckers are beginning to ask about having a single, universal concealed carry permit - allowing them to carry their weapons throughout the United States. And with good reason.

No one likes to talk about it, but there are truckers that do carry weapons – whether it’s legal in a particular state, or not. While someone may well be licensed to conceal carry in one state, unless they go through another state’s licensing, they are not licensed to do so in another. Making their self-defense measures illegal in that state. This presents a series of problems.

The need is obvious. Drivers pick-up, drive through and deliver loads in some of the most dangerous places in America. We often see the results of that with drivers being hurt or killed because they chose to over-night in their rigs in a less-than-safe area, or because of a load heist gone horribly wrong.Concealed Carry

Criminals aren’t afraid to carry illegal weapons to assault their victims, and yet drivers have to be concerned about whether they can carry firepower to protect themselves in these same situations. Because there is no universal carry permit, drivers suffer the consequences of not being able to protect themselves from armed thugs.

Sure, one can go about acquiring a license in all 50 states (good luck in DC and NJ – where, even as a law abiding citizen, you have to prove need), but how long will that take, and at what annual cost for continued licensing of what is supposed to be a constitutional right? How much time does one have to spend trying to obtain licenses, and still try to make a living delivering the products everyone needs?

Allowing our drivers a universal license to defend themselves can’t come soon enough.


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