When was the last time your rig was comfortable - without idling?

Everyone's cab is comfortable while they're rolling down the highway, but when you don't want to idle, or can't, things get downright unpleasant. Some states have laws against idling; other times, you just want to conserve fuel to make a tight load pay better. If you don't have an alternate solution to idling, you're the one paying the price - in more ways than one.
The price for idling over long periods isn't just the fuel involved, even though that's bad enough when you burn through an additional 3,500+ gallons of fuel yearly idling for comfort. Multiply that total by the cost per gallon for some ugliness.
You also have to take into consideration the number of extra oil changes you'll have to pay for, because now there's fuel and particulates in your oil from extended idling. And let's not forget the scoring of the cylinders because of the damage to your oil. Now you get to plan for a rebuild of the motor sooner than expected. Unless you have a plan.
If that plan includes a Nite Phoenix Climate Control System, you're on the right track. With a deep cycle battery powered AC unit, and a heater that uses only .03 to .06 gallons of fuel per hour - vs. ½ to 1 gallon via idling, this unit will start paying for itself immediately.
The Nite system has the highest cooling capacity available of any battery-powered system on the market. It doesn't matter what the temperature is outside, you can relax, work or sleep comfortably.
This is not a genset, so it complies with all no-idle laws. This unit works from a set of batteries mounted on your truck, and draws power from that. This unit draws no electrical power from your truck when the truck is shut down. And it doesn't just keep you comfortable for a few hours, it can go for up to 10 hours, or more - depending on charge and solar load. To break it down, here's the highlights:
·         Electrified AC unit runs on auxiliary AGM/deep cycle batteries.
·         Larger compressor leads to larger cooling capacity.
·         New LCD digital user interface and battery monitoring system. Features on-board service diagnostics, automatic temperature control and check filter function.
·         Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Complies with all idle restriction laws.
·         Approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
·         Installs easily under bunk in 8-10 hours.
·         Shore power and hotel load options.
·         Espar or Webasto diesel fuel-fired heater option.

The Nite system also doesn't take a lot of time to install, so you have very little down time. If you've got 8-10 hours, you can have a Nite system installed. Start putting that cash for idling fuel in your pocket. If you want to know how much this system can save you specifically, and how quickly the system pays for itself; call us, and we'll do the calculations for you. 800 849 2178


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